Submission Method: Script & Schematic

We provide a flexible alternative method to submit to GDMC competition using a script and a Schematic file (see here).

Quick Info

Why do we like it?

Schematic files are very portable, as they came with Minecraft itself. Any script that can read and modify a schematic file is a suitable entry with this method.

Getting started?

For the standalone submission, your code is expected to read the instructions.csv file, which will consist of one or more rows, where each row is:

A string containing the name of the directory of the input map (schematic to be read and edited)
A string containing the name of the directory of the output map (schematic that will be generated by your program)
Six integers x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, which together define the bounding box of the map. Any part of the settlement that is generated outside this bounding box will not be considered. You can assume x1 < x2, y1 < y2 and z1 < z2

An example instructions.csv file looks like this:


How to Submit with this method?

  1. Login to the submission website
  2. Go to the submission page
  3. In the file section, add ZIP file, containing an executable file/script and any required libraries (for any programming language). The ZIP file will be extracted to a folder together with the schematic files to be edited and an instructions.csv file.
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