Michael Cerny Green is a PhD candidate studying AI and Games under Dr. Julian Togelius at New York University's Tandon School of Engineering. His research primarily focuses on the intersection between AI and video games, and how AI can automatically explain things to humans. He loves playing Minecraft, especially when they involve modpacks. He is co-responsible for the Settlement Generation Track, the GDMC Framework, the GDMC website, and the GDMC Wiki. Check-out his website.



Christoph Salge is a Marie Curie Global Fellow currently researching how intrinsic motivation can be used to evaluate procedurally generated content. He is an avid Minecraft player and while he was writing up his Phd on “Information-Theoretic Models of Social Interaction” he spent way too much time building a height-level spanning version of Isengard on a survival server. His research interests include AI, games, robotics and philosophy. View his website.



Rodrigo Canaan is a PhD student in Computer Science at NYU. He got his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He is now researching Human-Computer Co-Creativity and Mixed-Initiative systems, using cooperative games as testbed to build better co-creative applications.


Christian Guckelsberger is a PhD student in the Game AI Research Group at Queen Mary, University of London. His goal is to engineer autonomous artificial systems that would be deemed creative in their own right by unbiased observers. Christian addresses this challenge with computational models of intrinsic motivation through both theoretical and practical inquiry. Christian has a background in computer science, art history and business, and one of his central roles within the competition is to bridge between communities to inform interdisciplinary challenges such as 'chronicle generation'.



Julian Togelius is an Associate Professor at New York University (NYU). After studying Philosophy in Lund and Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems in Sussex he did a PhD in Computer Science at Essex, and then did a postdoc at IDSIA in Lugano. His research interests include applications of computational intelligence in games, procedural content generation, automatic game design, evolutionary computation and reinforcement learning. He is the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Games and the past chair of the IEEE CIS Technical Committee on Games.

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