Human Examples

Since one goal of the GDMC competition is to write an algorithm that can rival human Minecraft settlement generation, this pages provides some examples of what is possible with human settlement generation. Feel free to add examples of your own. This list is by no means complete.

Several Settlement builds by FyreUK

Lakeside City
Good examples for coherent theming of the overall settlement, adaptive towards its bay location (looks like a harbour city), houses well adapted to the height levels around the bay.

The Land of Arkane
Good example for theming, believable structures on the water, good integration of the existing height map. Good bridges and walkways to ensure mobility.

Waterfall City
Visually distinct districts, combination of singular large structures with smaller, more repetitive houses. The smaller houses are themed according to district, yet show a level of variability.

Frozen Summit
The building material and style of building reflects the environmental conditions. Also, larger structures that are adapted to the changing height.

Other people:

Monteriggioni Recreation
Recreation of the historical city of Monteriggioni in Minecraft.

An example of a modern city in Minecraft. Also features some examples of interior design.

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