2024 Settlement Generation Competition

This is the overview page for the seventh iteration of the GDMC AI Settlement Generation Challenge in Minecraft. The submission Deadline was the 15th of June, 2024, and results will be announced in August 2024, both at the IEEE Conference on Games (COG2024) and online. This year's competition is now closed.

The Settlement Generation Challenge is about writing an algorithm that can create a settlement for a given, unknown Minecraft map. The challenge is to produce an algorithm that is adaptive towards the provided map, creates a settlement that satisfies a range of functional requirements - but also looks good and evokes an interesting narrative. The goal is to basically produce an algorithm that can rival the state of the art of what humans can produce. So far there have been 5 iterations of the challenge: once in 2018, and in 2019, in 2020, in 2021 and in 2023. You can watch the presentation for last years winner's https://youtu.be/onXUUhefLyY?si=IOCcXVwIVuD8pdhG.

We are sponsored by the IEEE CIS Competition Fund, which are providing prices of 500, 300, and 200 dollars, for the first three places of the main competition respectively. The team can decide how to split the prize, and we will contact you via your submission email if you win.

To participate, you have to write a program that can build a settlement for an unknown Minecraft map. You have two options for producing this code: either write a script for the Minecraft map editor Amulet, or write a program for our community-developed HTTP framework, which lets you directly interface with a live Minecraft map. We can provide you with a framework and code to get started for both options on our submission-type pages. After you submit your algorithm it will be run on a range of previously unseen maps, and a panel of human judges will then evalute the resulting settlement, based on the criteria Adaptation to the Environment and Terrain, Functionality from an Embodied Perspective, Narrative Integration, and Visual Aesthetics.


To submit to the 2024 GDMC AI Settlement Generation Challenge you need to fill out the Google forms link below:


Submission of your code is via a link, so you should have a link to a repository, such as GitHub, or a link to a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, ready. We will ask you if you agree to share your submission publicly. We encourage you to do so - and if you do, we will share you code after the evaluation period. We suggest you also attach an appropriate license to your code, such as https://opensource.org/license/0bsd .

After the submission, we will likely ask you, in the two weeks following, to apply your code to a set of competition maps. We will send instructions for this via the email provided to us. So, please check your email.


Previous Years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022,, 2023
Conferences IEEE Conference on Games (COG2024)
Submission Languages Python, Java, other.
Submission Types
Minecraft Version
  • 1.20.2
  • Submission: 15. of June, 2024
  • Results: August, 2024

Competition Call


To participate, you, or a team, have to write some code that can generate a Minecraft Settlement for an unseen Minecraft map. We accept submissions in several frameworks, see below. You submit the code, together with some additional information to us before the deadline. We will also support submission via link, i.e. a link to a github or similar repository of your code. The code will then be applied to 5 different locations within a large map, which are not known before the deadline. We will likely ask you, as the author of the code, to run the code on the maps, and send us the resulting maps. The resulting settlements will then be sent to a range of expert and volunteer judges, who use Minecraft to look at and interact with the settlements, and then assign scores to each generator. We then announce the results - including who got the highest score and relating the settlements, code, and feedback publicly.


  • To participate you need to submit your code to our website before the deadline.
  • Team submissions are allowed.
  • Anyone is able to participate.
  • One submission per person / team only (We have considered exceptions for academic supervisors who led several teams - please contact us to discuss)
  • Unless you object specifically, we will publish the code and attached documentation after the evaluation period.
  • You keep ownership and rights to your own code and work - but unless you object we assume we can share it and use it in our material.
  • If you have any further questions about the rules, please ask them on our discord, so we can clarify: Join Discord

Winners will be announced in August 2024. At the same time, we will also publish the detailed evaluation results online for each algorithm. Once the results have been announced we will also publish the competition maps, the settlements generated by the algorithms, and the participant's description of their algorithm. We also encourage participants to publish their code, but this will not be mandatory. Unless participants object to sharing their code, we will make it available on our website with an appropriate open-source license. If they decline, we will not publish the code. In either case, the organizers will not take exclusive ownership of the code. You can find previous years' maps, code, resulting settlement, evaluation scores, and other things on our website.


In general, participants submit code, this code will be applied to several Minecraft maps unknown to the participants beforehand, and the resulting settlement will then be evaluated by humans. The human scores determine the winner.

The detailed evaluation methodology, including scoring criteria, and list of awards can be found on our evaluation page.

These are the instructions sent to the judges in 2023, i.e. last years competition. It includes download links, settlement locations and detailed scoring guidelines.


In 2024 we will be awarding the following awards, see the evaluation page for details:

  • Best Settlement - the main GDMC AI Settlement Generation Challenge
  • Best Underground Structure - a new award, based on judges' choice
  • Best Chronicle - optional challenge, awarded based on judges choice, need to opt-in at submission time.
  • Innovation Award - awarded by organizers and developers, aims to recognize technical and conceptual novelty.

The Best Settlement award is our main competition, and the first three teams will win 500, 300, and 200 US dollars respectively. We are sponsored by the IEEE CIS Education Competition Fund.


We support two submission options in 2024, either write code for an HTTP client that interacts with the HTTP framework or submit an amulet script.
See valid submission methods page to see all current methods.


Here is a short FAQ.

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