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The Wiki Area

The wiki area is open to all registered contributors to create and edit freely. To organize wiki pages we use tags, like any other wiki. The wiki area provides a collaborative information database on all past and ongoing projects for the framework.

Email notifications

By default, the site admin will get notified when anything on the site changes. This can create a lot of email but it lets admins rapidly answer posts, delete spam, and check edits to pages.

Other users will get email notifications only for the page they created, edited, or commented on.

Any registered contributor can also explicitly "Watch" the whole site, a category, or a specific page.

If you feel like you should be a moderator, email the site admins and apply to become one.

Who can contribute to this site?
Anyone who created a Wikidot account and have become a contributor can create a new wiki page or edit existing wiki pages.

How do I create a new page?
On the left side of the page, on the toolbar, mouse down to the section titled pages and then use the text to write a name for your new page. Then click the new page button.

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